Age Gap / Fixing Problems

Dealing With The “Age Gap”

Many of the couples that we see around us have a large age difference between them. This is quite common among the celebrities, companions dating their sugar daddies and many of the common people draw inspiration from them. A large age difference may bring different kinds of problems into a relationship. It is better no turn a deft ear to what people say and feel about your relation since at the end of the day it only involves the two of you. So do ruin your relation by paying heed to what others say. The age difference may also

Argument / Communication / Fixing Problems

Saying Sorry After An Argument

Intro Even though you take utmost care, there will be fights and misunderstandings in a relationship. All the good things that are done in the past to enhance the relationship will be destroyed by speaking harsh words with your partner. To rekindle the relationship, you should mend things. Exploring means of reconciliation is possible. If you recognize your fault and acknowledge the same in front of your partner, there will be great satisfaction – you could even book a 3rd party companion to come in and mediate with you both. However, it should be conveyed at the most appropriate